Why do I have to give my weight?

It is important that we receive the correct weight of each passenger as soon as possible. The chief pilot needs this figure to calculate the total ballast of the basket, so that he can determine the total amount of lift available on that day.

Can I decide later in Bagan whether I want to fly or not?

It is possible to buy a last minute stand by ticket at our sales desk in Bagan but this is only possible if we have spaces left for the next day. In recent years at certain times during the season we unfortunately have had to turn people away who wanted to book at short notice, as the balloons were already fully booked well in advance. Therefore, to avoid disappointment, we strongly suggest you make your booking as soon as possible you arrive to in Myanmar. However if you are planning to stay in Bagan for 3-4 days there is a much better chance to book a standby space on one of the flights. If you are in any doubt, please feel free to contact us directly by phone or email, and we can give you an indication of our current booking status. Please note that this is an indication only, and may not remain accurate for very long. For more information about our Cancellation Policy please have a look at our Rates & Conditions section.

Can I get my money back if the balloon flight is cancelled?

Yes of course! Balloons over Bagan only operates when the chief pilot decides that the weather is suitable and it is safe to fly. Therefore it might unfortunately be possible that we have to cancel the balloon flight at the launch site for safety reasons. In that case we will refund 100% of your payment. All direct payments to Balloons over Bagan will be refunded in cash either in Bagan or in Yangon. If you have made payment through your travel agent, we will advise them immediately so that they can make arrangements for your refund on you return to Yangon.

Can our children fly?

For safety reasons there are age and height restrictions. We set a minimum age of 8 years old, but as a general rule, all passengers must be able to see over the basket.

Can we fly at sunset?

We can sometimes put on evening flights on a standby basis only. Unfortunately because of the tropical location in Bagan, evening weather conditions tend to be less favourable and less reliable than in our scheduled morning flights. We believe therefore that a morning flight affords a more enjoyable and superior experience. Bagan is normally at its most beautiful early in the morning, and temperatures are pleasant and cool.

What time do we get back to the hotel?

In the morning flight, passengers are usually back at their hotels by 8.00 or 8.30 am. Some passengers like to stay longer after landing to drink an extra glass of champagne or chat with villagers who come to witness the landing. The post flight celebrations are an important part of ballooning in this special area and not to be rushed!

Where do we land?

Wherever the wind takes you! This could be next to a Pagoda, a field by a village, on a sandbank, or even across the river, which will involve a rescue by boat.

What do we get for the price?

A memory that we hope will last forever; transport to and from your hotel to launch and landing site, flight, boat retrieve if landing on the other side of the river, celebratory glass of champagne and light breakfast. Please refer to Rates & Conditions section for more information about our offer.

What is the premium service?

Our successful premium service offers a more personalised and spacious experience for a maximum of just 24 passengers per day in our three smallest 8 passenger balloons. Designed to hold just 4 couples in their own individual compartments with more personal space, the premium service offers a more intimate and private experience. A highlight of the experience is a guided interactive tour around the balloon during inflation from your pilot just prior to take off. In addition to this, clients will receive an in-flight photo of their flight.

Do we see this pagoda?

You will see lots of pagodas! Exactly which pagoda you will see depends on the wind direction.

I’m scared of heights.

Ballooning does not usually affect those people who are scared of heights. Because the balloon travels with the wind, the basket is very stable and does not sway or rock during flight. There is no sense of vertigo or motion.

Is it safe?

  • Commercial passenger ballooning is the safest form of all air transport.
  • In Bagan we are always very careful. We only fly when there are light surface winds less than 8 knots., and have never recorded any accident or incident however minor over 15 years.
  • Our pilots and technicians are European Nationals qualified and registered in the UK.
  • Our balloons are built to the highest standards of the British aerospace industry by Cameron Balloons Ltd and Lindstrand Balloons,
  • All our crew are trained to the highest international standards for the past 15 years and have all been trained in first aid by UK Public Transport Inspectors

Can we go to …… by balloon?

The balloon can only go where the wind takes it. So we unfortunately cannot pre-plan where it will land.

How can we pay for a pre-booking?

For a pre-booking, full payment is accepted by credit cards (Visa or MasterCard) at the time of booking through our online booking system.

What time will we be picked up?

For the morning flight, passengers are usually picked up at their hotels by our Balloons over Bagan bus between 05h30 and 06h00 in the morning depending on the location of your hotel and the hotels of other passengers. The exact time will be given to you at one or two days before when you or your guide contact to our sales desk to reconfirm your flight. Our Bagan Sales office is open from 0900 AM to 0800 PM (Sales Office Address - Near Zfreeti Hotel, Thiripyitsaya Block No (5), Nyaung U (Bagan), Myanmar). The contact phone numbers are 061 60713 and 09 448045716.

Where do we take off?

The take off site changes with the wind and is decided by the pilot in command on the day of the flight.

How many people can fit in one balloon?

We currently have 12 balloons in service. Three balloons have room for 8 passengers in four separate compartments plus a pilot. One balloon has room for 12 passengers in four separate compartments. Nine balloons have room for 16 passengers in four separate compartments, offering arrange of flexibility across our entire fleet for small or larger groups.

What is the price?

Our prices for 2016 – 2017 are:

For standard service
Pre-booking / Standby price: USD 330 per person (Xmas USD 340)

For premium service
Pre-booking / Standby price: USD 390 per person (Xmas USD 400)

These prices are valid from 1st October 2016 until 31st March 2017. Prices include transfers from your hotel, balloon flight and a light champagne breakfast.

From the 20th December through until the 5th January we will charge an additional USD 10 per person during the peak Christmas and New Year Period to reflect the very heavy demand at this time.

Please note that standby tickets can only be purchased 48 hours or two full days in advance at our Sales desk at the Balloons over Bagan office in Bagan and see the location map on the contact us section.

How long is the flight?

Our flights normally last 45 minutes to one hour, or longer depending on the wind. The whole experience including hotel pick ups and light champagne breakfast lasts between 2 ½ to 3 hours. Ballooning is also about watching the set up of the balloon, and being rescued at the end too, not just the flight itself. Not knowing where you are going to land is always exciting and part of the adventure!

Who owns Balloons over Bagan?

Balloons Over Bagan is a 100% Private Myanmar Company, launched by husband and wife team Brett Melzer and Khin Omar Win in 1999. Following the early success and subsequent expansion of the ballooning into exotic new locations under the brand name Eastern Safaris, the company diversified into intimate lodges and unique wilderness based experiences. Today Eastern Safaris continues to be passionate about creating one of a kind adventures and lifetime memories that connect to cultures and communities.

What do we see?

The exciting thing about ballooning is that you just don’t know. You will see Bagan waking up in the morning. You will see many temples in the distance and get a spectacular aerial view of Bagan. Sometimes you may fly over villages and see people on their early morning rounds, feeding their animals; or going to market. It is an amazing and interactive experience.